(*NEW*) Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon

Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon is the next upgrade of Legendary (Superior) Fragarah Weapon VII. Before, we thought that weapon skills added by the Legendary Superior weapons were amazing. Therefore, we can describe this new weapon incredibly awesome because it will provide us more fantastic passive and active skills. And that is not all, this weapon also give your character advantage skills depending on its class.

For Knights, Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach will immune the character to all effects or negative buff within 15 seconds. It also reduces damage received by 5000. And when you are being attacked, all enemies within a radius of 400 will receive 4000 damage plus 1% of the damage. This weapon skill is called Zealot’s Shield.

Rogues will initiate Deadly Combo, 3 seconds after casting. This skill will transport your toon to enemy location and deal 100% Physical Damage which cannot be interrupted. At the same time, your character’s Dodge increased by 800 while the character is immune to all negative effects.

Rangers, it will attack all players in a line 8 times for 50% Physical Damage and Magic Damage then knock them back by 50 after 3 seconds upon casting Stealth Arrow. This will also decrease target’s movement speed by 70% while targets are silenced.

Mage will Resist Enchantment attacking all enemies within 400 radius for 30% Magic Damage and knocks them back. This will happen after 3 seconds upon casting the skill.

Priest’s Sacred Totem places a totem at selected location which deals 150% Magic Damage to a maximum of 20 enemies within a radius of 500 who become stunned by 3 seconds. Every 3 seconds, it deals damage equivalent to 40% of the character’s Magic Attack and 80% of the character’s Heal to a maximum of 20 enemies within a radius of 500 that will lasts 15 seconds.

The rest of the skills that are included into specific weapon are the same regardless of the character class. Once weapons reached its maximum upgrade which is Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon X all skill are activated. You can find the details below.

Materials needed to upgrade (Superior) Fragarach Weapon VII:
  1. 260 Fragarach Shards
  2. 80 Wraith Soul Essence
  3. 100 Rueful Essence
  4. At least 1000 to 2000 Dragon Crystal

A.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon I
·         Legendary (Superior) Fragarach Weapon VII +11
·         12 Wraith Soul Essence
·         15 Fragarach Shard

B.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon II
·         19 Fragarach Shard
·         14 Wraith Soul Essence
·         Enhancement level +11

C.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon III
·         21 Fragarach Shard
·         16 Wraith Soul Essence
·         Enhancement level +11

D.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon IV
·         23 Fragarach Shard
·         18 Wraith Soul Essence
·         Enhancement level +11

E.       Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon V
·         25 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Wraith Soul Essence
·         Enhancement level +12

F.       Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon VI
·         25 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Rueful Essence
·         Enhancement level +12

G.     Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon VII
·         27 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Rueful Essence
·         Enhancement level +12

H.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon VIII
·         30 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Rueful Essence
·         Enhancement level +12

I.        Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon IX
·         35 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Rueful Essence
·         Enhancement level +12

J.        Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Weapon X
·         40 Fragarach Shard
·         20 Rueful Essence
·         Enhancement level +13

Weapon Attributes and Skills:

A.      Legendary (Perfect) Fragarach Sword X +15

Physical Attack                                  +2921 (+9520)
Critical Strike                                     +29 (+121)
Strength                                             +125
Endurance                                         +225
Physical Attack                                  +450
Movement Speed                                +26
Physical Attack                                  +10%
Physical Defense                                +10%
Magic Defense                                   +10%

Bestows Skill:
Bloodlust 19 (Passive Skill): When you attack, 12% chance to consume target’s HP equivalent to 5% of your max HP.

Zealot’s Shield: Immune to all effects for 15 seconds. Damage received reduced by 5000. When attacked, all enemies within radius of 400 receive 1% +4000 damage.

Close-up (Passive Skill): Permanently increase Movement Speed and Chant Speed.
Attack Speed: +20%
Cast Speed: +20%

Sunder (Passive Skill): When attacking, has a 5% chance to trigger Sunder IV
Sunder IV: Reduce defense by 80%, damage reduction reduced by +50%, lasts 5 seconds.

Blood Cry 8(Passive Skill): When you attack, 5% chance to consume 20% of target’s HP.

Frost: When attacking, has 10% change to trigger an
Arctic Blast: deals damage to all surrounding monsters each second that is equivalent to 65% of potential attack damage; lasts 8 seconds.